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๐ŸŽ‰Re:Earth v0.15.0 has been released!

ยท One min read
  • clientStorage plugin API to enable plugins store data


    Now plugin developer can use client storage by using API like

    reearth.clientStorage: {
    getAsync: (key: string) => Promise<any>;
    setAsync: (key: string, value: any) => Promise<void>;
    deleteAsync: (key: string) => Promise<void>;
    keysAsync: () => Promise<string[]>;

    Developed by: @Shaun
    Special thanks: @rot 1024

  • Add runTime field to widgets in plugin API to get number of the current plugin executed

    Developed by: @Keiya Sasaki
    Special thanks: @Keiya Sasaki

  • Support new setting properties for align-system

    Now users can change the Padding Gap Spacing Align Center Background Color for each container of align system.


    Designed by: @Red
    Developed by: @Basel Issmail @Maher Alhamoui
    Special thanks: @Kyle Waite @Hidemichi Baba

  • Support change the background color of marker label


    Designed by: @rot 1024
    Developed by: @rot 1024


  • Dependency upgrades

    Developed by: @Kyle Waite