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🎉Re:Earth v0.9.0 has been released!

· 2 min read

New Features

  • Adding layers by plugin API


    This new feature will enable the plugin to add a new layer to Re:Earth through API. Add new layer can be done by call reearth.layers.add(layer: Layer, parentId?: string)

    Developed by: Shaun
    Designed by: Shaun
    Special thanks: Kyle Waite, rot 1024

  • Support changing selecting indicator

    Now users can change the selecting indicator on the editor page. We also support customizing the indicator by uploading your own image.

    Developed by: nour Al Ali
    Designed by: Red
    Special thanks: rot 1024

Bug Fixes

  • fix: Plugins do not work as expected, update quickjs-emscripten

    Developed by: rot 1024

  • fix: Show full camera values in the camera property field popup


    Developed by: Kyle Waite

  • fix: Plugin dimensions and iframe issues

    Developed by: Kyle Waite

  • fix: Asset modal flushes when camera limiter is enabled

    Developed by: rot 1024

  • fix: Not being able to override an image from the asset modal

    Developed by: Kyle Waite

  • fix: Cesium flashes on camera change

    Developed by: Shaun

  • fix: Dataset page showing errors on page refreshing

    Developed by: nour Al Ali

  • fix: Slight shift when capturing a new position

    Developed by: Shaun


  • Upgrade to React 18

    Developed by: Kyle Waite
    Special thanks: Shaun, rot 1024