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🎉Re:Earth v0.7.0 has been released!

· One min read

New Features

  • Add opacity field to map tiles


    A slider which allows changing the opacity of the map tiles to see the tile below the top one is now available.

    Developed by: @Kyle Waite

  • Use username first letter as a default avatar

    Re:Earth now uses the first letter of the user’s name as a profile picture.

    Developed by: @nour Al Ali

  • Update placeholder for color field

    Color placeholder now shows the color HEX code with alpha values.

    Developed by: @Shaun

Bug Fixes

  • Workspace banner stretching with many members

    Developed by: @nour Al Ali

  • Dashboard not updating on project creation

    Developed by: @Kyle Waite

  • Dropdown styles in the right panel break when the selected item's name is too long

    Developed by: @Shaun

  • Signup API had unexpected breaking changes

    Developed by: @rot 1024


  • Upgraded dependencies

    Cesium has been upgraded to v1.93.0

    Developed by: @Basel Issmail, @Yasser Ka