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🎉Re:Earth v0.14.0 has been released!

· One min read

New Features

  • Extend plugin API to support get query

    Now plugins are able to get the query parameters in the URL through the API:

    reearth.viewport.query: Record<string, string>

    Developed by: Shaun
    Special thanks: rot 1024

  • Extend plugin API to support cross-extension communication


    Now Re:Earth supports communication between plugins’ widgets and blocks through the API:

    type PluginExtensionInstance = {
    id: string;
    pluginId: string;
    name: string;
    extensionId: string;
    extensionType: "widget" | "block";

    reearth.plugins.instances: PluginExtensionInstance[]
    reearth.plugins.postMessage(id: string; message: any)
    reearth.on("pluginmessage", (e: { data: any, sender: string }) => {})

    Developed by: Shaun
    Special thanks: Kyle Waite, rot 1024


  • Improve unnecessary loading the globe image

    Developed by: Keiya Sasaki

Bug Fixes

  • Navigator widget now supports the 2D scene

    FIxed by: Keiya Sasaki


  • Dependency upgrades

    Developed by: Kyle Waite