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🎉Re:Earth v0.3.0 has been released!

· 2 min read

New Features

  • Enhanced Terrain


    Adds the ability to select the terrain type. Default is cesium, but can choose Cesium World Terrain or ArcGIS Terrain as well. Also adds support for terrain exaggeration.

    Developed by: @rot 1024

  • Clustering Layers


    Group of selection of layers as a cluster that joins them together depending on the camera’s height. You can choose which layers are part of a cluster, add multiple clusters, use a background image for each cluster, and more!

    Developed by: @Basel Issmail Designed by: @Red

  • Camera Limiter


    For projects that don’t span the whole globe, create a camera boundary that keeps the user’s focus where you want it to be and help them not get lost! You can customize the camera’s max height, the location on the globe and choose whether or not to show the helper lines.

    Developed by: @Basel Issmail Designed by: @Red

  • Tagging of layers


    Users are now able to create, delete, attach and detach unique tags to better group related layer data. Currently this is strictly data-based, but in the future a Tag widget will be developed to visualize the tags from within a Re:Earth project.

    Developed by: @Hidemichi Baba
    Designed by: @Red

Bug Fixes

  • Photo overlay and marker images are not displayed expectedly in Android

    Developed by: @rot 1024


  • Upgraded dependencies

    Cesium has been upgraded to v1.89.0

    Developed by: @Basel Issmail

Next plan

  • Authentication: You can create an account and log in only with Re:Earth without setting up Auth0, which saves you the trouble of setting up the environment.